Second Wind Lung Walk Top 10 Fundraising Tips

Top 10 Lung Walk Fundraising Tips

10. Do not think of fundraising as asking for money or a loan. You are asking as an advocate for those in need.

9. Do not discount anyone. While you may not have talked to that high school friend for awhile, it’s never too late to resume a friendship by telling them about your involvement with the Second Wind Lung Walk.

8. You do not need to know all of your potential donors; it’s okay to accept donations from people you do not know. Just remember to thank them. By carrying your sponsor sheet everywhere you go, you could receive donations in restaurants, on the Metro Link or Bus, from people in grocery stores, at neighborhood meetings and gatherings, at school and your church/synagogue.

7. Ask your boss.

6. The best way to fundraise is to use a combination of techniques including a letter writing campaign, an email campaign, and a face-to-face request.

5. Start early! There’s a lot to be said for those people who get all of their fundraising done early and can help with preparations for the walk.

4. Don’t give up.

3. Involve everyone you know. Most people find that their daily contacts supply plenty of potential donors. You’d be surprised at how many people you know – even casual acquaintances – who will support your efforts. Stay focused on raising money for those who are waiting for the gift of life.

2. When you participate in the LUNG WALK you represent those who are helped by the Second Wind Assistance Fund as well as all those who donated to your campaign. Make sure everyone realizes that their contribution will last much longer than the 30 seconds it takes to write a check. Mention your efforts whenever possible – you never know when someone has $20 burning a hole in their pocket.

And the No. 1 fundraising tip: Ask, ask and ask!

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