Taylor Program

Joshua Stegeman
Second Wind St. Louis
Board Member
June, 2010

This past fall St. Louis Second Wind joined with students from Washington University to participate in the Taylor Community Consulting Program. The program is designed to place graduate business students with non-profit groups seeking assistance with their programs. St. Louis Second Wind member Peter Nicastro participated as a student last year and prepared the proposal for St. Louis Second Wind’s participation.

Three students chose to work with St. Louis Second Wind to enhance the Lung Walk and the methods used to solicit donations. President Tom Archer and Board member Joshua Stegeman met with the students to discuss the areas where the organization sought assistance.

After several meetings, the students presented their recommendation at the beginning of December. Several board members attended the presentation to hear the students’ findings and suggestions.

The students commended St. Louis Second Wind on its dedicated volunteers and members. It also praised the Lung Walk program for its successful results as a major fundraiser.

The students recommended that St. Louis Second Wind continue to innovate its marketing to new members and donors by utilizing multimedia such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and promotion through email and other electronic communication. The students also advised that the website should highlight individuals’ personal stories to draw attention and highlight the success of the organization.

The students recommended holding another major promotional/marketing event some time in the summer to promote the organization and its purpose. The event would be primarily focused on educating individuals about the organization, but would also offer an opportunity to collect donations.

The students also suggested teaming with other organization geared toward raising funds for organ transplant. It is possible Second Wind might be able to raise more money and hold additional events by collaborating with other groups. Finally, the students proposed teaming with local area high schools or colleges to assist in other fundraisers on a volunteer basis.

Essentially the students recommended the organization continue to take advantage of technology and utilize electronic communication and promotion to minimize costs. By holding an additional event and teaming with other groups, Second Wind could expand its awareness and raise more funds for supporting organ transplant.

The Board of Directors will be meeting in February to discuss the possible implementation of some of these ideas. Please feel free to send your own recommendations or suggestions for the organization to consider. Please also let us know if you are interested in volunteering to assist in any of these new opportunities.