Healing Touch,
and How It Has Helped Me

Jennifer K. Malmborg
Second Wind St. Louis
April, 2008

I have been suffering from Cystic Fibrosis for almost twenty-five years, my entire life. I have found myself in hospitals for half my life. I found little repose in all my times hospitalized. I found myself rather strained with the goings on at the hospital, my deteriorating health, and my worries of keeping up in school.

After my struggles during high school, I found myself in the hospital for more problems. For lack of oxygen, low weight gain, and gallbladder problems. Nothing I did for my gallbladder helped; not the morphine, not breathing exercises, nothing. Until, one day, the music therapist came in and started to play the harp. She talked me through some relaxation, and the melody of the harp put me into a trance of some sort, to the point I had no more pain. This was done at the hospital at home, in Chicago.

Once things had gotten much worse for me, I moved here to St. Louis to await a new set of lungs. While being here, I was hospitalized to treat infections while I still continued to wait. I met two wonderful ladies, Pat and Diane. They were practicing a new type of pain management. It was called Healing Touch. I was willing to try, after all, I had constant pain in my lungs and head, and I didn’t want to depend on pain medicine all the time.
Their methods seemed to be quite simple. They turn soft, peaceful music on for background. They begin to talk to you, telling you to relax and picture yourself in a happier place, a place that you’ve been or want to go. Once you have relaxed enough, they will begin cleansing your ora. They start from your head and push the negativity down towards your feet and swoosh it away, away from your body. They do this to every part of your body, your head, chest, arms, hips, legs, and feet. If you have a specific area that is sore or tense, they will focus on that area. I myself tend to fall asleep while they do this. It is very relaxing and it clears your head. If you are over stressed prior to this twenty minute treatment, once it is over, you might feel like you are on a cloud. I tend to sleep for a great while afterwards. It has improved my breathing, and has temporarily aided in my pain. I used to cough constantly and very forcefully, but whenever either Pat or Diane would come into my room, I looked forward to the relaxation, because I knew I’d be free from coughing for a while, even if it was only until I sat up. It was such a relief, even if it were for only a short time.

I don’t quite understand how they can clean your ora and put you into a calm state, but they do and it is entirely worth it.

Now, that I’m post transplant, I look back and can’t imagine not having them there during my recovery. After my rehab walks, I’d look forward to my time with them. I’d be in so much pain after a walk that all I wanted was Healing Touch and sleep. The doctors would tell me to take the pain medication when I needed it, but I was hesitant because I didn’t want to be dependant on such a thing. When Healing Touch came to see me, it was just as good if not better than the pain meds.

If any of you need pain management before, during, or after your transplants, do not hesitate to contact Pat or Diane. Your physician, your nurses, even respiratory care can contact them for you. You just have to request Healing Touch. They are more then willing to come and help as much as possible. They will even just sit and talk with you, if you need a lending ear to talk to. I will never forget what they have done for me during this very stressful time in my life.