Goodbye from Tom Archer

Dear Members of My Family, Friends, Colleagues, Second Wind of St. Louis Members, and Second Wind of St. Louis Community Partners:

You may already be aware from the Second Wind Web site and Face Book page; I am not going to continue my service as president of Second Wind of St. Louis.

I am proud of my service to Second Wind of St. Louis as its president for the past 15 years. I am proud that my service was done out of duty, commitment, honesty and vision. I had the distinct pleasure of serving with wonderful talented individuals who are part of the lung transplant community and with our community partners.

The Second Wind Financial Assistance Fund is one my favorite projects and accomplishments. I served as the chairperson of the initial committee whose purpose was to study and create a way of helping lung transplant patients and their families. The fruit of our devoted work together has served the membership for many years. I served as the Coordinator of this fund for 15 years.

The Second Wind Lung Walk serves as the financial arm of this fund. It is an amazing event involving hard working planning committees and volunteers and is always a gathering of friends who came together to accomplish a goal of helping those in need. The Lung Walk – Every Breath Counts is my second favorite Second Wind of St. Louis accomplishment.

Over the years, I had the humble pleasure of speaking to patients and families who had just been thrust into the transplant world and were full of questions. I was honored to share in their journeys and walk with them through the challenges and joys of lung transplantation. I made many life-long friends and have helped to send many into the next life which is always a bitter sweet experience.

There are shining stars in the history of the Second Wind of St. Louis Board of Directors who have been a complete delight to work with and who I call my friends. I am not listing them in any particular order. I am aware that I more than likely regretfully have omitted someone.

President Ted Tunison, Secretary Linda Brandenburger, Board Memeber Gary Brandenburger, Committee Chair Gary Porte’, Treasurer Betty Wallace, Secretary Annette Carr, Treasurer Linda Nottestad, Board Member Bethany Sprague, Members Scott and Traci Snyder, Vice President Michelle Bass-Williams, Board Member and Legal Counsel, Joshua Stegeman, Newsletter Columnist Jan Kwasigroh,

A debt of personal gratitude to Dr. Ramsey Hachem who has served as our Medical Advisor for 15 years.

I express the gratitude of all Lung Transplant Patients to our Nurse Coordinators over the years who keep us connected and healthy.

Our community partners who have been supportive for 14 years are: Chris Saracino and Chris’ Pancake and Dining for providing us with a place to meet and food for the lung walk, Schwartzkopf Printing who printed the Lung Walk Commemorative T-Shirt each year for the Lung Walk, and Epiphany Boy Scouts who have assisted with set up at the Lung Walk and provided tables and chairs and other items for the Lung Walk,

I would also like to highlight Patrick and Joy Williamson who offered me unending support and friendship. They were doing Second Wind work at Barnes-Jewish hospital before Second Wind came into existence. They also gave the Assistance Fund a solid financial footing by matching every dollar raised by the Lung Walk for the first three consecutive years in the early days.

On Sunday, January 14, 2017 Board Member Kenneth Schanz was elected by the other members of the board to a one three-year term as the new president of Second Wind of St. Louis. I wish Ken as much joy as I received volunteering in this position. You can contact Ken by telephone at 314 320 4400 or by email at

I was asked if I wanted to have an event to announce my leave taking from the board to which I said no thanks. I invite you instead, to make a tribute contribution in my honor to Second Wind of St. Louis’ general fund. Contributions will help the association to continue its important work.

Tribute contributions may be made in my honor from the Second Wind of St. Louis web site by clicking here:…/donate-to-second-wind/

As always, to the many friends I have made thru this experience, you may stay in touch with me at the following address, 3440 Halliday Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63118. Or via email:

It has been rewarding serving Second Wind of St. Louis and its members.

Tom Archer
President Emeritus

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